Protostropharia semiglobata – ‘Dung Roundhead’

As its common name suggests, this species may be found growing in animal dung such as wombat droppings. It is a saprophytic fungi, meaning they can help decompose organic matter. This species is fairly widespread and it is thought that it may have been introduced to Australia via livestock. This artwork was inspired by areas of Cradle Mountain, TAS.

Some further info on this species can be found here:

Also, during my research for this artwork I read somewhere that mentioned this species has been found growing in wombat droppings (hence the artwork idea!). I have since however, somehow lost this reference! So if anyone happens to come across a wombat poo and Protostropharia semiglobata mention in a book, blog or article, let me know so I can add it to the above list (feeling a bit embarrassed about losing it!).