Granite Belt Fungi

This painting is a collection of seven fungi species that you might find around the granite belt (or more specifically Girraween national park):

  • Geastrum sp. – ‘Earth Star’
  • Lichenomphalia chromacea – ‘Yellow Navel’
  • Macrolepiota clelandii – ‘Graceful Parasol’
  • Pycnoporus coccineus – ‘Southern Cinnabar Polypore’
  • Podoscypha petalodes – ‘Wine Glass Fungus’
  • Ramaria lorithamnus
  • Phaeotremella foliacea – ‘Leafy Brain’

I’ve always loved visiting Girraween national park, so wanted to create a piece that payed homage to this incredible place.

Below I’ve circled all the species so you can see if you spotted them all!

Some links to learn/see more: