Commissions – Personal Use

If you’d like to commission a piece for you or a loved one then I’d love to hear from you!

Before we proceed, I just need you to answer some questions so I can provide you with a rough quote, timeline and to see if we’ll be a good fit for each other. Please also have a read of my FAQ’s below.

A bit about my practice:

I work in traditional media, primarily watercolour.

What to expect working together:

  • Primarily email communication, but I’m also happy to chat on the phone throughout the project!

  • A concept phase:
    ✿ you can request up to 3 concepts for a project
    ✿ concepts include: a rough digital sketch, rough colour palette, some reference images
    ✿ once you select a concept, we move onto the sketch phase

  • Sketch phase:
    ✿ sketches are done digitally on my iPad
    ✿ you can request up to 1 major change at digital sketch phase
    ✿ once approved, I trace these onto paper
    ✿ I also then deliver a little watercolour sample of the colours I plan to use
    ✿ once you have approved the sketches, we move onto the painting phase

  • Painting phase:
    ✿ I usually like to check in via email or call before we move to painting
    ✿ I will send you at least one ‘progress’ shot while painting
    ✿ I will send you a low res scan of the finished artwork, at this stage only minor changes can be made
    ✿ once approved, we can arrange for either the artwork to be posted, or for you to pick it up.

  • Other important info:
    ✿ Copyright of all commissioned artwork remains with the Illustrator/Artist
    ✿ Unless you request otherwise, I retain the right to publish the work on my social media/portfolio (if it is a gift, I do not publish anything until gifted)
    ✿ I will provide you with a contract so you understand how we will be working together
    ✿ I require a 25-50% deposit upon signing the contract
    ✿ Generally I leave framing up to you as it’s quite a personal choice, so do remember to keep this in mind when budgeting for your project.


What are your prices?

This can vary greatly depending on the job!

For personal and private use commissions I take into account the following:

  • research
  • administration time (eg. email communication, drafting contracts etc.)
  • roughs/sketches
  • the complexity of the painting
  • the image dimensions
  • time constraints (eg. if it is a ‘rush’ job)
  • materials cost
  • total estimated time for the project

I charge more for oils than watercolour. This is because oils take me much longer to complete, and the materials are also more costly.

How long does it take?

This will depend on my current workload and on the project, but the sooner you get in touch the better! If you catch me at a time where I don’t have a lot on, it may be as little as 4-6 weeks. However most of the year I have multiple projects on the go that I need to balance.

November-December tend to be the busiest time of year, so whilst I can take on commissions during this time, they may not get worked on until January. I’ll always let you know a rough timeframe though and if you do have something urgent will do my best to accomodate!