Commissions – Commercial and Business Use

Hi there!

If you are a business looking to commission a Brisbane based illustrator then I’d love to hear from you! I specialise in floral, botanical and wildlife watercolour illustrations. I have worked with a range of clients from all around Australia, including Brisbane City Council, Story Torch Press and New Farm Confectionery.

Before we launch into it (and also so I’m able to provide you with a quote) I have a few questions I need you to answer. I also ask you please have a read of the information and FAQs below.

Any other questions?

A bit about my practice:

I work in traditional media, primarily watercolour.

What to expect working together:

  • Two phone/video call meetings (at least):
    ✿ one at the beginning of the project (once the contract has been signed)
    ✿ one during the project once painting has commenced
    ✿ I prefer verbal communication over email, so you’re welcome to call me anytime 🙂

  • A concept phase:
    ✿ you can request up to 3 concepts for a project
    ✿ concepts include: a rough digital sketch, rough colour palette, some reference images
    ✿ once you select a concept, we move onto the sketch phase

  • Sketch phase:
    ✿ sketches are done digitally on my iPad
    ✿ you can request up to 1 major change at digital sketch phase
    ✿ once approved, I trace these onto paper
    ✿ I also then deliver a little watercolour sample of the colours I plan to use
    ✿ once you have approved the sketches, we move onto the painting phase

  • Painting phase:
    ✿ I usually like to check in on the phone or video call before we move to painting
    ✿ I will send you at least one ‘progress’ shot while painting
    ✿ I will send you a low res scan of the finished artwork, at this stage only minor or digital/photoshop changes can be made
    ✿ once approved I send you the final high quality files

  • Other important info:
    ✿ I use either WeTransfer or Google Drive to deliver the artworks.
    ✿ you are welcome to provide your own contract, or I am also happy to provide one
    ✿ I require a 25-50% deposit upon signing the contract

Programs I can use:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Procreate


What are your prices?

This can vary greatly depending on the job!

I usually use ‘value-based pricing‘ for commercial jobs – so essentially a flat fee for the whole project. This covers both the time I spend on the project, and the value that your business gets from using the artwork I provide to you. This fee takes into account:

  • research
  • roughs/sketches
  • the complexity of the painting
  • the image dimensions
  • the number of illustrations
  • time constraints (eg. if it is a ‘rush’ job)
  • usage – no. of times image is used/printed, the geographical area in which it will be used, whether the image is exclusive, the period of time you require the image

If you’re just looking to license some existing artworks, then let me know what artwork, and we can write up an agreement for whatever usage you require. If you’re using it for merchandise/products, this fee is usually 10-20% of the RRP.

How long does it take?

This will depend on my current workload and on the project, but the sooner you get in touch the better!

Can you provide your work as a vector image?

If you are keen to commission my watercolour style for your business, then I can only provide these as raster files. I do however have some Illustrator experience, so if you’re after simple line artwork I’d be able to provide these as vector files.

Learn more about the difference between vector and raster files here.

Can you provide your work in layers so I can move things around?

Yes – this isn’t how I primarily work, however I’m happy to do this if needed.

Do I get to keep the original artwork for commercial commissions?

Not usually – unless you’re specifically commissioning a mural or original painting to hang in your office, then usually it’s just the digital files. You’re still welcome to purchase the original, however this would be quoted and invoiced separately to its commercial use.

Previous Clients:

2021: New Farm ConfectionaryPackaging Design – to be released 2022

2021: StoryTorch Press Picture Book Illustration – to be released 2022

2020: Brisbane City CouncilMural, Carl St Urban Common

2020: Biome Eco StoresBiome Collective Window Display

2020 – Present: The Linen PressArtwork License Agreement for Merchandise

2020: Museum of BrisbaneGreat Barrier Reef Tea Towel

2020 – Present: TekoiYoga Mat, Licensed Designs

2020 – Present: Little Art EarringsEarrings, Licensed Designs