Endangered Animals Calendar for 2021 – Pre-Orders and the Project

Last year when I decided to make a calendar for 2020, I had no idea just what 2020 was actually going to be like, and, seeing as most of us spent a good few months in lockdown, part of me wonders if I could have left those months out! Does anyone else feel like they blinked in January and now suddenly it’s August?!

Even though its been a strange year, there have definitely still been many parts of 2020 that have been good, and I am extremely grateful for that. One big positive to being an artist is that its already quite solitary work, so creating the paintings for next year’s calendar was a wonderful project to keep my mind and hands busy.

For the 2021 artworks, I decided this time to look at endangered Australian animals. This was partly because I wished to further educate myself on wildlife, and, also as a result from reading about the devastation the fires brought to our wildlife in the beginning of the year. I’ve been sharing this progress on my social media through speed paint videos where I talk a little about each animal. The highlight of this was when I got to interview Phil Wise, who works with the Tasmanian Devil:

And now its come to sharing the project to you! I’m launching the project on Pozible the same as last year to open pre-orders. I really enjoyed doing it this way last year as it gave me a sense of community and shared excitement for the project to coming to fruition.

If you’d like to pre-order a calendar, visit my Pozible page here:

The pre-orders will run from the 17th-30th of August.

I’m also really pleased to be donating $1 from each sale to WIRES Wildlife Rescue. I hope you will enjoy your calendar and that it brings a bit of brightness to your 2021.

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