2019 – In Review

It’s crazy to think that 2019 has already come to an end.

I’m really good at forgetting important things, so I thought I’d take some time to go back and pick out 19 highlights from this year and set some goals for the next century (ok that might be pushing it, maybe just for 2020)!

These aren’t in any particular order of importance, just things that made this year a good one.

  1. Visiting South Australia with my family – we went to bury my grandmother’s ashes back in her home town Adelaide. This was a really special time as our whole family was there and we got to spend time together exploring SA as young adults (I’d only ever been there as a ratty kid and angsty teen)
    2. Having my first solo show at Tiny Tree Cafe – I created a 2020 Calendar this year with all native SE QLD plants, using these artworks, I had a solo show ‘Anthophilous’ at Tiny Tree’s Gallery space. I was so overwhelmed by the support from friends and family (and also strangers) who came to the show and bought artwork. It was a really special night.


3. Visiting Japan with Bridie – this was sooooo much fun! I want to go again (I say after going to Japan three times in the last 4 years..) It was so magical to spend three weeks with one of my best friends exploring and enjoying the amazing Japan, I also got to catch up with my German friend Lea so it was an all round rad time.

4. Doing more markets and getting to meet new creators and wonderful customers – self explanatory, this was fun.

5. Winning ‘best in show’ at Illustration Australia’s exhibition 9 x 5 ‘Grow’ – this was my first time exhibiting interstate and I really didn’t expect much of it, so when I got the email saying I’d won I was like ‘whhhaaaatttt??!!’ especially because there was soooo much other good work there!

6. Conducting my first piece of choral music – this started as a joke….I’m in a community choir, and I asked if we could do a piece of music I liked. They were like ‘well you should lead it then’ and I was like ‘no that’s not a good idea’ – clearly I didn’t win the argument, but I’m so happy that they encouraged me to do this. It was really outside my comfort zone but so incredibly rewarding.

7. Going on tour with Monique Clare and Joe D’esposito – my sister (Monique Clare) invited me to join her on tour this October and paint live at each show. Over the 2-3 weeks I worked on one painting, drawing from what we’d seen on the road that day. The end result came together surprisingly well, and again I was glad to be pushed out of my comfort zone here.

FDCDBD6A-9119-4CB4-BB9F-ACD89FB313A1 2

8. Raising over $300 for the Wilderness Society by selling the tour painting – I was so overwhelmed by people’s generosity and willingness to donate, as well as pay for the painting! (Also full disclosure, technically at this point in time I’m yet to actually make the donation…but in my defence I’m a one woman show here and I don’t do my accounts until the end of the month, so it will happen soon!)

9. Selling 850 copies of the 2020 Calendar – this one really blew me away! I only realised this once I counted up the number of times I had ordered the calendar from my printers. Jaw dropped. My first print run was only 300 copies, and I expected to struggle to sell that many.

10. Getting stuck out in an incredible downpour after no rain for months – we had just gone to see a friend’s show, and as we went out to the car, the sky just dropped water on us (like someone with a huge bucket), there was flash flooding, we were soaking and freezing, but it was the first time we had proper rain in months – and was such a special moment to experience the world around us soaking it up.

11. Singing in the QB Nutcracker – every year the (other) choir I’m in gets to sing with the Queensland Ballet and QSO for their production of the Nutcracker. When I was little I used to dress up and dance to the Nutcracker music, so getting to stand in the pit with the orchestra was so surreal, I almost cried of happiness.

12. My chickens – are cute

13. Visiting Canberra Botanic Gardens – bah so nice! Inspired this rosella painting.

14. ‘Not Evelyn’ got published – two years ago I created illustrations for a not for profit picture book about a true story of a young girl who fought for the right to have an education. The amazing author (Kendra Anderson) published the book this year and it’s now out there in the real world!

15. Doing the Biome Collective Christmas Windows – this was so special and made it really feel like Christmas!

16. Singing at a folk festival when my sister lost her voice –
while on tour, Monique completely lost her voice and one show simply couldn’t sing. Now prior to this, I had been struggling with stage fright for months, and hadn’t sung solo in a very long time, but she got me to cover one of her songs without any rehearsal or prep, in front of a live audience. I am so grateful for this as ever since, I’ve been able to sing in front of people again.

17. Running my first ever crowd-funding project and it being successful! – this was for the 2020 calendars, I was so nervous to launch this project as I thought no one would care or want to support it – but they did! Even in Germany and the US!

18. Getting to see my friends succeed in their own small businesses – in particular I’ve felt really proud of Holly from Paper Hands and Kayla from Kayla’s Cookery, so glad to be surrounded by strong and inspirational women! (See Holly’s mural at QAG below)

19. Feeling like I’ve grown in my own creativity! – I feel like this year I’ve made some big steps forward in my practice which have been incredibly rewarding.

‘So what’s in stall for next year Ingrid?’, I hear the 0 people still reading this ask.

A few things:

  • I want to focus more on making work that I want to make, rather than just taking on commissions all the time.
  • Make sure I’m charging fairly – I’m really good at undercharging for the number of hours I work…but I’m also scared of people saying no because the fees are too high. This is a tricky one.
  • Making a 2021 Calendar – that’s right, onto the next one!
  • Making a picture book??
  • Focus more on the ‘fine art’ side of my business
  • Do another exhibition

And that’s it! What were your best moments of 2019?


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