Our Tour Painting – Passenger

Passenger with white border low res.jpg

About Our Tour

At the beginning of this year, my sister, Monique Clare, invited me on a tour to perform live painting alongside herself and Joe D’Esposito. We toured for around 3 weeks down NSW, Victoria and ended in good ol’ Queensland.

During each show on the tour, I worked on this painting while Joe and Monique performed. ‘Passenger’, draws inspiration from what we saw whilst on the road as well as themes from Monique’s music. Its a visual map of the places we visited – if you were at one of the shows, see if you can spot what was painted in your town!

Thank you to those who followed along and if this is your first time seeing the project, please feel free to watch the time lapse of the entire project below.

As I’ve had a few people wishing to purchase the artwork, I’ve decided to run an ‘auction’ of sorts to give everyone a go. If you would like to purchase the artwork, you can follow this link to place an offer. I’ve set the minimum at $750 and any amounts offered above this will be donated to the Wilderness Society. This will run until the 11th of November.

If the work is not sold by then I’ll be listing it on my Art Lovers Australia account.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the concerts, drew with us and followed along with the project!



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