Native Plants Calendar – Progress So Far

Beginning in January, I’ve been working on a project that I’m so excited to see come together.


I’m creating a wall calendar that features plants that flower in each month/season of the year. I’ve been looking at plants native to where I live (South-East Queensland) using the GroNative app and other resources.

I really wanted to create something that would be beautiful to look as well as have an educational element and spark curiosity!

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I’ve created these works with watercolour and gouche.

The plants are as follows:


  • Pigface
  • Coastal Banksia
  • Climbing guinea flower


  • Bush kurrajong
  • Wedge pea
  • Logan apple


  • Silver wattle
  • Rice Flower
  • Milkmaids


  • Yellow Buttons
  • Pink Rock Orchid
  • Wallum Boronia

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